Difrax Dental Soother (Newborn Tiny) - OPY7SHGCI

Difrax Dental Soother (Newborn Tiny) - OPY7SHGCI
Difrax Dental Soother (Newborn Tiny) - OPY7SHGCI
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  • Can be used for premature babies

  • The number 1 baby brand in the Netherlands!

  • Butterfly shield with ventilation holes - skin around the mouth is less likely to get irritated

  • Special shape leaves more room for the nose

  • Soft, smooth and transparent silicone, easy to clean

  • The Difrax (number 1 baby brand in the Netherlands!) Dental Newborn Pacifier is suitable for premature babies and newborns due to the small pacifier shield and nipple-shaped teat. Consoles and comforts. The Difrax Dental Newborn Pacifier meets the natural suckling needs of your newborn or premature baby. The nozzle is symmetrical. Your baby will readily recognize and accept it. The size of the shield and nozzle have been specifically developed for new born and premature babies. This unique pacifier has a butterfly shaped shield ensuring a perfect fit to your baby's face. The recess for the nose enables your baby to breathe freely through the nose. Two air holes on each side provide additional airflow, preventing skin irritation. The pacifier comforts, consoles and relaxes your child. Difrax pacifiers are available in many fashionable prints and various sizes. Difrax advises you replace your baby's pacifier every six weeks. Check the pacifier daily before use for any damage by pulling firmly on the nozzle. When is the Difrax Natural pacifier the best choice for your baby? And when is the Difrax Dental pacifier better suited? The answer lies in the design of the nozzle. The nozzle on the Difrax Natural pacifier resembles the shape of a nipple; its symmetrical shape is familiar to your baby and therefore easy to accept. The sucking part on the Dental pacifier, on the other hand, is both round and flat. The round side sits comfortably up against the palate; the flat side presses down on the tongue. This stimulates the development of palate, tongue and jaw muscles and is therefore most beneficial for the development of your child’s teeth.

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    Difrax Dental Soother (Newborn Tiny) - OPY7SHGCI

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